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Jun 17, 2019

Adoption, waiting til you’re 40 to have a kid, being the mom in a two dad house, and a made up child named Benjamin. These are all topics that come up in our live show at WNYC’s prestigious Greene Space.

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Jun 10, 2019

Whether your kid is in a good stage or bad stage, it doesn’t matter because soon they’ll be in a new one. Listen to our very special guest talk about all the phases of parenting, from birth to tween and everything in between. Ophira Eisenberg also joins to talk about making her baby!


Jun 3, 2019

The idea of carrying someone else’s baby may seem foreign to some, but Kelly always knew she wanted to be a surrogate. She carried two sets of twins and a singleton for 3 LGBTQ families!

Note: this episode contains a story about childhood cancer at the 41 minute mark. Skip ahead to 47 minutes if it’s a topic that is...